IoT Platform Enablement

To succeed in the IoT services market, Service Providers demand much more flexibility than typical off-the-shelf IoT platforms can provide. Consequently, many are building custom platforms by picking the best components from different IoT solution providers, and integrating them.

embedUR has developed IoT platform enablers to help Service Providers accelerate deployment of their IoT services and address several connectivity, scaling and deployment obstacles including: Onboarding new client devices; managing data ingestion efficiently; and ensuring data flexibility.

Utilizing these components in your IoT platform, provides a flexible foundation that allows you to scale and adapt to any client or device requirement now and in the future.

Unified cloud infrastructure for efficient data ingestion for IoT, Wi-Fi and Service Assurance

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Key Differentiators

  • Flexible, lightweight, highly portable agent works on any device
  • Adaptive data schema enables evolving datasets and fast onboarding
  • Horizontal scalability, load balancing, failover and security
  • Engineering services to ease onboarding of your customers' devices

eCloud Agent

Delay in onboarding your customers’ devices only gives them time to consider alternatives, and delays your revenue stream. You need a highly portable, adaptable agent that is easy to integrate.

embedUR specializes in portable, high-performance, small footprint code. The lightweight eCloud Agent can be ported to the smallest of devices to connect them to your IoT platform over a secure connection. The agent uses a parameter driven TLV to define what data is transmitted. It can handle any data type and allows changes or additions to the data stream over time, without altering firmware.

Service providers or device manufacturers can integrate the agent themselves, or, they can engage embedUR’s embedded engineering services team to get their customers’ native and constrained devices onboarded fast.

  • Flexible device / gateway agent
  • Lightweight, low impact on resources
  • Integrates with any IoT Platform
  • Connects device to Cloud securely
  • Enables management and data collection

eCloud Server

Service Providers must maximize IoT platform agility without sacrificing scalability and resilience. Their platforms must enable limitless device ingestion, both in terms of device types and scale. They must be able to handle any device and collect any type and quantity of data from it.

The eCloud Server features a dynamically adaptive data schema which enables this level of device and dataset agility through parameter driven TLVs. The eCloud Server uses lightweight easily tunneled protocols including CoAP and MQTT to establish secure TCP/UDP connections with devices and collect data from them. It adapts easily to support other protocols and APIs are provided for dashboards, OSS and other integrations.

Cooperating server VMs provide horizontal scaling with load balancing and automatic failover and recovery, and they can be implemented on commodity h/w or public cloud infrastructure with logical / physical multi-tenancy support.

  • Dynamically adaptive schema
  • Secure device connections
  • Load-balancing, Auto-recovery
  • VM based, Horizontal scaling
  • No-SQL Cassandra database
  • GUI adapts to collected datasets
  • REST / JSON analytics and management APIs