Carrier Wi-Fi Assurance and Analytics

Service Providers wishing to operate profitable managed Wi-Fi services in homes, businesses, public hotspots and municipalities face the growing threat of RF interference from all the Wi-Fi networks around them, small cells and LTE-U variants, all of which are outside of their control.

As the whole-home Wi-Fi movement gains momentum, and as Mobile Network Operators lean on Wi-Fi to augment the licensed spectrum, competition for clear channels is intensifying. Interference avoidance is already problematic in many high-density urban areas.

Unstable Wi-Fi performance due to RF contention from neighboring networks, puts Service Provider Wi-Fi monetization plans at risk, and could cause truck rolls, escalating support costs and subscriber churn. Today’s Carrier Wi-Fi networks have little to no visibility of the RF conditions their devices must operate in, and no holistic way to mitigate interference.

embedUR’s Carrier Wi-Fi Assurance platform solves this problem by automatically optimizing the user experience whenever it detects detrimental changes in the RF environment, and as user demands change. APs in close proximity are treated holistically as a group, enabling coordinated channel selection as well as band-steering, client load balancing and bandwidth controls. This ensures optimal client performance and stable connections in the midst of ever-changing RF and traffic conditions, all while providing deep visualization of system performance to the network operator.

The Carrier Wi-Fi Assurance platform is a licensable solution which can be integrated into any existing Carrier Wi-Fi infrastructure comprising access points, Wi-Fi enabled DSL and Cable modems, residential gateways, STBs, small cells etc. It provides dynamic Wi-Fi service assurance and advanced Wi-Fi analytics through a scalable cloud deployment model, allowing Service Providers to reduce operating costs and optimize the subscriber experience.

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Key Differentiators

  • Automatically resolves RF interference issues on all affected Wi-Fi radios
  • Works on any type of Wi-Fi enabled CPE and is chipset vendor agnostic
  • Policy and user or application priority triggers enable SLA compliance
  • Scalable carrier-grade cloud architecture with API for OSS integration
  • Gives network operators unprecedented visibility of the user experience
  • Provides detailed run-time and historical analytics for millions of nodes

The solution has three components which may be licensed together or individually to meet unique operator requirements. It is understood that service providers have implemented Wi-Fi in a variety of ways and need complete flexibility in how they manage it. The architecture provides that flexibility along with carrier-grade scalability and support for literally any Wi-Fi enabled platform.

AP / CPE Device Agent: Collects detailed radio data from an AP or Wi-Fi enabled CPE and neighboring APs as well as client performance statistics, and passes that data upstream for analysis. It also applies service profile changes pushed down to the device.

Cloud Infrastructure: Aggregates data from multiple APs and Wi-Fi enabled CPEs organized into radio groups. It communicates with upstream Analytics Engines, and passes back configuration changes to the downstream devices.

Analytics Engine: Aggregates network-wide radio and client data in the Service Provider’s cloud, stores history and runs algorithms to compute optimized configurations, based on triggered events.

Screenshot from the Wi-Fi Assurance dashboard showing best and worst radios across multiple nodes.

Contact us for a live demo of dynamic Wi-Fi service assurance.

Screenshot from the Wi-Fi Assurance dashboard showing interference and channel quality for one AP.

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Enabling dynamic Wi-Fi service assurance on your network will dramatically reduce support, and give your subscribers a more reliable experience. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Wi-Fi deployment and the associated costs of supporting it, please contact us. We know we can make it better.

Dynamic Channel Change Demo

Please watch this simplified demonstration of the Carrier Wi-Fi Assurance platform resolving interference caused by a neighboring network. Now imagine having the solution watching over your entire Wi-Fi network, automatically maintaining peak performance, regardless the uncontrolled environmental changes occurring all around it.

Contact us for a live demo of the Carrier Wi-Fi Assurance management and analytics dashboard.