Astral TM Wi-Fi

Universal Carrier Wi-Fi Access and Control

As triple-play falls prey to cord cutters and OTT video, Service Providers know that to position themselves for IoT, they must own the network inside the home or office. Bringing broadband to the wall is not enough, they need to control the point of access. Wi-Fi is the linchpin.

But Service Providers face a catch-22 situation with Wi-Fi. Business Wi-Fi equipment is too expensive and doesn’t scale for residential deployments, while residential Wi-Fi gear lacks features needed in business and whole-home Wi-Fi. They are stuck with one system for each market, and inadequate management control over both.

Pressure mounts on all sides: The whole-home movement; enterprise WLAN vendors targeting SMB with Cloud Wi-Fi; pure-play Cloud Wi-Fi vendors; even the openWRT community stepping up to SMB with cloud managed Wi-Fi for MSPs. To monetize Wi-Fi services and be in a controlling position for IoT, Service Providers must penetrate deeper into homes and offices, and do so before the whole-home juggernaut morphs into whole-office as well!

Astral Wi-Fi gives equipment vendors and Service Providers the most scalable and cost-effective solution for enterprise-grade Wi-Fi services on any CPE into any market. Astral Wi-Fi lets you serve all markets with a single platform that is more affordable, more scalable and easier to manage than anything you have today.

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Key Differentiators

  • Zero-touch deployment: Automated discovery enables fool-proof AP setup by users
  • Firmware Distribution: Multiple images with fail-safe firmware and service profiles updates
  • Platform Portability: AP software can be ported to any Wi-Fi device with embedded Linux
  • Carrier Scalability: Virtualised cloud controller architecture supports millions of nodes
  • Advanced Management: Comprehensive system management and Wi-Fi analytics dashboards
  • Self-Optimized: Dynamic performance optimization reduces operating costs and maximizes QoE
  • IoT Enablement: A springboard for IoT, within a common cloud management framework

Astral Management Dashboard.

Contact us for a live demo of management and analytics.

Various device and service profile configuration panes.

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi on any CPE

The access point software can be ported to the broadband CPE equipment you already use today, turning them into cloud-managed Wi-Fi devices that operate in a coordinated wireless LAN alongside generic APs. If you have a mix of CPEs of different vintages or from different vendors, no problem, you can retrofit those too. Basically, if it’s got a Wi-Fi radio you can give it enterprise-class features and manage it, simply by porting embedURs AP software into your next build.

With full control of the Wi-Fi on your broadband devices, and a line of generic APs from an ODM, you can fend off all attackers and own the network footprint in homes and businesses with the right feature set for each market at a competitive price point. Add automatic RF mitigation, Wi-Fi analytics and IoT enablers and you will be hard to displace.

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