Astral TM Mesh

Platform Agnostic Carrier Wi-Fi Mesh

As interest in wireless mesh soars, Service Providers need a better way to deploy, manage and support business and residential Wi-Fi. To retain subscribers and upsell them to new services at the right time, they need more visibility and control of the client experience. But today, Service Providers require multiple management platforms to manage Wi-Fi gear from multiple vendors, and have no unification at all.

Astral Mesh gives Service Providers a way to unify disparate Wi-Fi platforms and manage them as one. Astral Mesh agent firmware is portable across CPE and AP platforms and supports multiple Wi-Fi chipsets. While analytics engines in the cloud, continually evaluate mesh and client performance and tune the mesh configuration to optimize the client experience.

Astral Mesh allows Service Providers to build Wi-Fi mesh networks on any CPE and OEM/ODM AP platform which uses Broadcom, QCA, Marvell or Mediatek Wi-Fi chipsets. Service Providers avoid vendor lock-in with more sourcing freedom. Astral Mesh networks can contain any mix of APs and CPEs using any mix of Wi-Fi chipsets.

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Key Differentiators

  • Zero-touch deployment: Automatically discovers its neighbors and configures itself
  • Continuously optimized: Periodically re-evaluates the configuration and tries to optimize it
  • Resilient, self-healing: Supports multi-hop routing with multiple ingress / egress paths
  • Platform portability: Device agent can be ported to any Wi-Fi device with embedded Linux
  • Gateway or bridge: Functions as a home gateway with DHCP and NAT, or as a Wi-Fi bridge
  • Advanced management: Comprehensive system management and Wi-Fi analytics dashboards

Astral Management Dashboard.

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Example mesh topology with a mesh root gateway configuration

Platform and Chipset Agnostic Wi-Fi Mesh

embedUR’s zero-touch, intelligent Wi-Fi mesh solution enables Service Providers to operate multi-vendor Wi-Fi mesh networks using broadband gateways, and access points from any OEM/ODM using any Wi-Fi chipset vendor.

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