Carrier Platform Enablement

Our experience in developing embedded software for networking and telecom products has led us to design and develop several vital building blocks for enabling adaptable, reliable and cost-effective Carrier Wi-Fi, Service Assurance and IoT platforms.

Carrier Wi-Fi Access

embedUR’s Universal Carrier Wi-Fi Access platform, enables rapid deployment on any type of Wi-Fi AP and CPE. Service Providers can centrally manage residential, business and hotspot Wi-Fi services on a massive scale, economically, with a single unified solution. The Carrier Wi-Fi platform provides complete functionality for provisioning and management of millions of access points and Wi-Fi enabled CPE devices of any type, delivering enterprise-grade Wi-Fi features.

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Carrier Wi-Fi Mesh

embedUR Carrier Wi-Fi Mesh technology allows Service Providers to build Wi-Fi mesh networks on any OEM AP platform which uses Broadcom, QCA, Marvell or Mediatek Wi-Fi chipsets. This gives Service Providers freedom to source white-label and avoid vendor lock-in, while dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of managing and supporting business and residential Wi-Fi.

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Carrier Wi-Fi Assurance

embedUR's Carrier Wi-Fi Assurance platform enables Service Providers to reduce operating costs and automatically optimize the subscriber experience. It can be integrated into any existing Carrier Wi-Fi infrastructure comprising access points, Wi-Fi enabled DSL and Cable modems, residential gateways, STBs, small cells etc. to provide dynamic Wi-Fi service assurance and advanced Wi-Fi analytics through a scalable cloud deployment model.

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Carrier IoT Platform

embedUR's IoT platform enablers help Service Providers accelerate deployment of their IoT services and address critical connectivity, scaling and deployment obstacles including: Onboarding new devices; managing the data exchange; maximizing data flexiblity and ensuring scalability and resiliency. Service Providers or device manufacturers can also engage embedUR’s embedded engineering services team to get their customers’ devices onboarded fast.

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