Access Core Competencies

Our deep experience in telecommunications, DOCSIS and unified communications technologies has led us to develop a wide range of gateways and CPE for a variety of business and residential applications. From low-cost triple-play CPE devices to advanced converged services aggregation switches, we've done it all.

Management team heritage in Telecoms
The majority of our team came from industry-leading Telecoms equipment vendors. We have experience with all popular access technologies, from TDM-over-cable to passive optical networks to LTE.

More than 35 DOCSIS related projects (products and features)
We have been involved in a large number of DOCSIS related projects, at every level of engagement from designing a completely new platform from scratch to porting software from a legacy OS to Linux on different multi-core processor architectures.

IP Routing Experience: IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, ICMPv6, IGMP, RIPv1/v2
We are expert in Internet routing protocols, and have built a range of products that depended on efficient implementation of these protocols. In one project for example, we needed to support 20M IP addresses on a single server.

Experienced in Unified Communications integration
Many of our access projects have focused on unified communications, incorporating SIP into a SMB media gateway or residential cable modem, and enabling Video over IP using standards-based and proprietary protocols. We also have a lot of experience in Digital Signal Processing.

Comprehensive DOCSIS test lab and resources
We have a dedicated DOCSIS test lab with state-of-the-art test equipment and CPE devices from a wide range of vendors. It is used for interoperability testing, troubleshooting and bug verification, along with pre-certification of new products.

DOCSIS test bed