Rajesh C. Subramaniam
CEO & Founder

As Founder and CEO, Rajesh has led embedUR systems through a decade of profitability and successive growth averaging 35% per year, and has built a loyal customer base among F500 Network and Telecom equipment providers.

With a Masters in Electrical Engineering from University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and an unrelenting determination, Rajesh rose quickly through the engineering management ranks at various startups and public companies such as Schlumberger, Bay Networks, Atoga Systems and ARRIS, designing enterprise and carrier network equipment during the 90’s Silicon Valley boom.

These experiences led Rajesh to envision a flourishing market for embedded-systems for networking equipment and connected devices, so in 2004, together with others from Atoga he founded embedUR.

Samir Virmani
Co-Founder, Vice President Solutions Engineering

Samir has served in various engineering capacities within embedUR systems since its inception in 2004. He brings close to 20 years of engineering experience in Control & Data Acquisition Systems, Enterprise Wi-Fi, Data Networking and Residential Gateway solutions.

He started his career in Data Acquisition systems with stints in India and US prior to helping deliver an ATM based Multi-Service Provisioning Platform at NET. He then went onto build Packet Over SONET/SDH based Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms at Atoga System prior to joining embedUR Systems. Here he has led and delivered multiple critical projects in various technology areas. Samir holds a Master's in Computer Applications from University of Pune, India.

Abhishek Sharma
Vice President, Development Engineering

With a Master's degree in Computer Science Abhishek started his career developing X.25 protocols and SCADA systems for managing remote power stations while working for Alcatel-Alsthom. He switched to Wireless data networking with the move to Hughes Software Systems developing CDPD cellular systems.

He went on to create the first 2G/2.5G CDMA gateway products for mobile internet access that brought in a billion dollar of revenue for USRobotics/3COM, then led the development of 3 generations of 3G/4G CDMA Access Gateways, Home Agents and Control Nodes while making significant contributions to the 3GPP2 standard bodies as Senior Manager of R&D and software Architecture for 3COM and UTStarcom.

With 20 years of experience in product development, management of large onshore and offshore engineering teams and multiple patents in the wireless data networking space he joined embedUR systems in 2009 to lead the next level of engineering growth and product development. Since then, Abhishek has been leading the embedUR systems global development and sustenance engineering teams.

Pervez Mohta
Director, Development Engineering

Pervez Mohta adds years of solid networking and telecom experience to the team, having held various engineering positions at established companies like Ericsson and dynamic start ups. He has contributed to several successful and timely product releases individually, as well as serving as a manager of cross-functional teams.

Pervez has a strong academic background, holding a B.S. in Computer Science from University of Bombay in India, M.S. in Computer Science from George Mason University and M.S. in Information and Computer Science from University of California at Irvine. His academic interests ranged from finite automata and formal SW methodology to neural networks, genetic algorithms and computational neuroscience. Pervez has been at the forefront of some of the early development cycles in Wi-Fi, PON, ATM, SONET and Optical networking. His passion in these areas is only matched by his love for sports, which he follows ardently in his free time.