About You

Does this sound familiar? Your engineers are overloaded. New projects come with daunting schedules. Once projects are underway, "feature creep" sets in, expanding the scope beyond the initial agreement. Your test labs are over-subscribed - and all the while, the applicable technologies refuse to hold still.

Embedded technology is evolving rapidly. Just blink and there is a faster chipset, a smarter CPU and greater product complexity. Unless you focus on embedded solutions exclusively, it's impossible to keep up.

Fortunately, this is our exclusive focus. We specialize in the "bottom of the stack" - porting all types of Real Time OSs to multi-core CPUs and optimizing drivers, along with control and data plane to deliver solutions that are fast, functional, easy to maintain and adaptable to the future.

We're a better solution, because there is no guesswork. We've done this before. Our experience and track record lowers your risk, reduces your cost, conserves your resources and gets your project delivered on time. We'll take as much ownership of projects as you want us to, and we'll set clear expectations and stick to them. You can keep your engineering teams focused on the mission critical projects that depend on their core competencies.