Career Development

At embedUR, our team is set for growth and success. As we know from nearly a decade in this business, the more variety and responsibility we can give you, the more you will learn and the happier you will be. It's a win-win. Teams that work together move faster and produce better products.

It's all about teamwork - building together, growing together and helping each other advance. Junior engineers are partnered with senior engineers that have years of experience. Senior engineers get to lead their own projects, and mentor other members of the team. In general, we try to build relatively small teams for each project, so that everyone gets to use and expand their skill set.

Continuous Improvement
At embedUR you're not a tiny cog in a big machine, doing the same old thing over and over, like at a large network equipment company. We strive to ensure that every engineer has the satisfaction of building whole systems, not just a small part.

Being on the team will stretch you - in a good way! Your potential for learning and cross training is unlimited, as you will be exposed to a wide variety of products across our four focus areas: Wireless, Access, Switching and Mobile. As you grow, we grow too, so we want you to advance rapidly and take the lead on products as soon as possible.

Professional Ethics
We maintain very close relationships with our clients, practically becoming part of their development team. As a trusted partner, we are in a privileged position, where we are exposed to many technological advances, and become privy to our customers' intellectual property.

Having the utmost professional integrity is paramount. Our reputation has been built on trust and mutual respect, and of course delivering excellent products on time. Each of our clients knows they can trust us to respect confidentiality, by keeping impeccable confidentiality about their strategy, plans, products and IP. We have earned a reputation for the highest ethical standards.