embedUR featured in CIO Review

January 2017 - Voted #6 out of the 20 most promising IoT solution providers, embedUR had the privilege to sit down with CIO Review for their cover story. In it, Rajesh Subramaniam, CEO reveals how building the framework for collecting radio and analytics data from millions of access point radios, naturally led to designing a scalable device-agnostic ingestion architecture for IoT, since the problem is essentially the same.

Download Cover Story here.

There are so many players in IoT that all seem to be doing or saying the same thing. Truth is, the devil is in the details. It is hard to distinguish one provider from another just based on their marketing, but in general vendors fall into five groups, with embedUR falling into the first:

  • Building the mechanisms for onboarding devices and collecting data from them
  • Building analytics engines to crunch big data, interpret it and spit out a useful insight
  • Building dashboards to visualize the data, and instrumentation to control devices
  • Building turnkey IoT solutions for device / equipment vendors e.g. domestic appliances
  • Building generic IoT platforms vendors can use once they embed an agent on their product

The full CIO Review report examines solution providers that fall into each of these groups.