20 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers

January 2017 - CIO Review magazine dug deep into the labyrinth of IoT, and issued a special report featuring the top twenty IoT solution providers they believe to be making a difference.

Looking beyond the marketing hype, to understand how data is collected from connected devices, analyzed and interpreted, you'll discover that IoT solution providers generally fall into five groups:

  • Building the mechanisms for onboarding devices and collecting data from them
  • Building analytics engines to crunch big data, interpret it and spit out a useful insight
  • Building dashboards to visualize the data, and instrumentation to control devices
  • Building turnkey IoT solutions for device / equipment vendors e.g. domestic appliances
  • Building generic IoT platforms vendors can use once they embed an agent on their product

Ranked # 6 in the list, where does embedUR play in all of this?

If service providers are going to play a role in aggregating data from IoT devices wherever they may be located, and presenting that data to their business customers in a meaningful form, their systems must be as open as possible, and completely agnostic to the type of data being collected. They cannot possibly predict who their next customer will be, or whether they will be tracking the height of a field of corn, the wherabouts of a cow, or how much garbage is in a dumpster.

That's where embedUR comes in. Using a highly portable IoT data collection agent, and a scalable data aggregation architecture, embedUR is helping Service Providers to build flexible IoT plaforms that can collect and manage any type of data from any type of connected device. embedUR is also leveraging its large team of embedded software engineers, to help business clients of these Service Providers to rapidly onboard their devices, so data can be collected from them, rolled up into the service providers analytics engine, and finally mashed-up on a dashboard.

embedUR's contribution only addresses a fraction of the complete puzzle - facilitating device onboarding, data collection and aggregation. But its an important thing to get right. On the scale that is predicted for IoT, beyond being data and device agnostic the collection system also needs to be extremely efficient and easy to scale at the drop of a hat.

Of course, for a complete solution, Service Providers also need other solution components - big data analytics, dashboards, messaging and more. And for those, they are partnering with some of the other companies in CIO Review's list, among many others.

Click here to read the full report on CIO Review's website

Click here to read the full report on CIO Review's website