Carrier Wi-Fi Access

embedUR’s end-to-end software for Carrier Wi-Fi, enables rapid deployment on CPE equipment of your choice. Service Providers can centrally manage residential, business and hotspot Wi-Fi services on a massive scale, economically. embedUR's Carrier Wi-Fi platform enablers offer complete functionality for provisioning and management of millions of access points and Wi-Fi enabled CPE devices of any type, delivering enterprise-grade Wi-Fi features.

eAC - WLAN Controller

Wireline Service Providers and Mobile Network Operators worldwide all recognize the importance of having Wi-Fi in their infrastructure portfolio, but one of the challenges they face is how to deploy, provision and manage Wi-Fi networks cost-effectively.

embedUR’s eAC WLAN Controller provides an RFC-compliant CAPWAP solution designed specifically to enable Managed Wi-Fi Service Providers (MSPs) and network operators to target home consumer, business and hotspot applications at a competitive price-point not possible with Wi-Fi equipment from traditional WLAN vendors. It provides complete carrier-grade functionality for the provisioning and complete management of traditional thin access points and Wi-Fi enabled CPEs of all types – from firmware distribution to QoS policy enforcement. The software runs on Linux and can be virtualized in the cloud.

The Controller is fully interoperable with any RFC-compliant CAPWAP enabled access point or CPE from different suppliers, and this gives Service Providers the flexibility to use generic low-cost AP and custom CPE platforms from different equipment vendors and ODMs.

eAC Feature Highlights

The embedUR CAPWAP Controller is designed to run on Linux platforms or VMware, on premise or in the cloud, and comes equipped with all the required functions for configuration and provisioning of access point services and client security. It includes CLI and Web GUI management interfaces.

  • Auto Discovery: Automated controller discovery enables a zero-touch AP deployment model
  • Firmware Distribution: Update firmware and service profiles automatically to all APs
  • Image Management: Multiple versions of Access Point images can be maintained on the controller
  • Service Profiles: Radio, WLAN and VLAN service profiles configured individually or in bulk
  • AC and AP Bridging: Different bridging models are configurable on a per SSID basis
  • Full Diagnostics: Allows packet capture, CLI-driven debug core dumps, syslog and packet tracing
  • Scalability: Runs on standard PC hardware running Linux or on virtualized or embedded platforms
  • Complete AP management: Remotely configure all AP features

eAP - Access Point Firmware

To maximize profitability, Managed Wi-Fi Services Providers (MSPs), Wireline Service Providers and Mobile Network Operators must make prudent choices about the network equipment they choose to deploy, especially when it comes to high-volume CPE devices at the network edge.

embedUR’s highly portable Wi-Fi AP Firmware enables Service Providers to target home consumer, business and hotspot applications at a competitive price-point not possible with Wi-Fi equipment from traditional WLAN vendors. It allows Service Providers to cost-effectively deploy, provision and manage large-scale Wi-Fi networks using generic Wi-Fi Access Point hardware sourced from ODMs as well as Wi-Fi enabled Cable Modem, DSL, FTTH CPEs and 3G/4G/LTE small cells.

The AP firmware is exceptionally lightweight because it has been optimized for carrier deployment. In addition the software has been architected to facilitate OTT applications such as Radio Resource Management, Wi-Fi Calling and Hotspot Roaming through a published API.

eAP Feature Highlights

A critical success factor in large-scale Wi-Fi deployments for service providers is the cost of APs and CPEs. With that in mind, embedUR has architected its AP stack to minimize memory and CPU requirements, in order to allow low-cost AP or CPE designs and maximize product longevity as OTT applications and services are added to the infrastructure over time.

  • Smallest memory footprint: 500 KB footprint is half the size of stacks from competing vendors
  • Superior throughput: Delivers 20-30% better forwarding performance over competing stacks
  • Zero-copy Switching: Dramatically reduces CPU load and minimizes latency, enables low-cost AP H/W
  • Hardware acceleration: Designed with the ability to exploit inherent hardware acceleration
  • Platform Portability: The AP firmware can be ported to any Wi-Fi enabled device with embedded Linux
  • OTT Enabler: Open API for deployment of revenue generating OTT Wi-Fi services and applications
  • Enterprise-Class AP Features: Offers many industry standard radio, network, and security features

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